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Supervisor: Prof. Julien Reboud

SenseGlasgow, coming all the way from (yes you guessed it!) Glasgow, in bonnie Scotland, is a diverse group of students passionate about biosensing and real-world applications of technology for medical purposes.

The more observative among you will have noticed from our group picture that we have a beautiful campus. You’re not wrong there! Our campus has been featured in films and TV shows, with Outlander as one of the most recent ones. It has also served as inspiration for others: in fact, legend has it that JK Rowling based Hogwarts off of our university.

The team from University of Glasgow, with our ever-changing names, has been very successful in past editions of SensUs so we have some big shoes to fill! However, we’re sure our wonderful supervisor and coaches will help us reach our full potential.

Everyone in our team has a different reason for taking part: from wanting to get more hands-on experience, to hoping to make a positive contribution to the field beyond the competition, or even more personal reasons like wanting to help a close friend suffering from epilepsy, what’s undeniable is that we are all motivated and ready to give this our best shot.

Watch our one-minute pitch here
Watch our Creativity pitch here
Watch our Translational Potential pitch here

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