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Supervisor: Prof. Philippe Renaud
Coming from the young and dynamic campus of EPFL, situated in the center of the health valley, we are hoping to uphold the tradition of innovation by developing the next-generation sensors. We are a diverse team of 14 master students with various backgrounds ranging from Micro-engineering, Electrical engineering and Life Science engineering.

Our passion for technology coupled with the knowledge that we can improve patient care is what brings us together and motivates us to compete in SensUs. We, Helvet’Sens, want to create and develop an innovative device, which we hope will answer the patient’s personal needs and improve his quality of life.

We value diversity, exchange and altruism and are looking forward to all the people we will meet during this competition. This will be an educational journey and learning all the dimensions surrounding the development of a medical device to its arrival on the market is also one of our objectives. We are very enthusiastic to begin on what will for sure be an enriching experience! 

Watch our one-minute pitch here
Watch our Creativity pitch here
Watch our Translational Potential pitch here

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