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Supervisor: Michael Daniele

SenseNC embodies the North Carolina State University motto, “Think and Do.” We strive to not only learn about the problems facing society but also get our hands dirty and attempt to solve them as well.

The SenseNC team is a multidisciplinary team of students from North Carolina State University with skills in business, design, marketing, and engineering. With members from Chemical, Electrical, and Biomedical Engineering, we are poised to tackle both the technical and commercial challenges related to developing a high-tech product. A central goal of our team is to establish a program and environment where students can become leaders in the process of research and development and pass that knowledge to the next year. We hope to use our knowledge and love of engineering and business to create biosensors that both augment the team’s education and benefit the world.

In previous years, we have focused heavily on the US market for medical devices, but we see SensUs as an opportunity to gain a broader understanding of how international markets interact and how to develop a product that meets the needs of patients not only within the U.S. but worldwide. We are all so excited to be traveling to Europe and look forward to meeting the other teams at the competition.

Watch our one-minute pitch here
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